What Underwear Makes Your Bum Look Good: Transform Your Figure

“What underwear makes your bum look good?” That's the million-dollar question, isn't it? Ever since Mark Twain sagely noted, “Clothes make the man,” we've all known that our outfit choices matter.

But the lesser-known truth that we're exploring today is that what's under the clothes is equally important.

In fact, it can make or break your look. And when it comes to enhancing your assets, finding the right underwear is key.

Are you wondering “what underwear makes your bum look good?”

You're not alone; we've all been there!

In this guide, we delve deep into the world of undergarments, handpicking styles that flatter your figure perfectly.

Prepare to boost your confidence and accentuate your assets with the right choice of underwear.

Let's dive in and uncover the secrets to a more defined derrière!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Underwear

Choosing the right underwear is crucial not just for comfort, but also for your appearance. The right underwear can lift, shape, and enhance your bum, creating a flattering silhouette, whether you're wearing jeans, a skirt, or even a formal suit.

A poorly chosen pair, on the other hand, can lead to awkward lines, bunching, and a less-than-ideal fit for your clothing. So, let's dive into the world of underwear and see how different types can make your bum look its best.

Understanding Different Types of Underwear


The classic brief, affectionately known as the ‘tighty-whitey,' offers full coverage and support. A well-fitted brief can enhance your bum by providing a clean, smooth line. Look for briefs with a bit of elastane for a fit that hugs your curves without pinching.


Boxers offer a loose, comfortable fit but may not provide the structure needed to enhance your bum. However, a slim-cut boxer in a soft, flexible fabric can offer a bit of casual enhancement, ideal for a relaxed day off.

Boxer Briefs

Boxer briefs are a hybrid of briefs and boxers, and they offer the best of both worlds. They provide good coverage and support, and when made of a stretchy, form-fitting fabric, they can really make your bum pop.


Thongs provide minimal coverage, which means no panty lines. This makes them perfect for tight-fitting clothes. While they don't offer much shaping or support, they do allow your natural shape to shine unimpeded.


Boyshorts offer a modern, sporty take on traditional women's underwear. The low-leg style can provide a flattering lift, and the full-coverage back can give your bum a smooth, rounded look.

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Factors to Consider for a Flattering Look


Materials with a bit of stretch, like lycra or elastane, can hug your curves and provide a smooth, streamlined look. On the other hand, soft, breathable cotton is great for comfort but may not offer the same level of enhancement.


A good fit is crucial when it comes to underwear. Too tight, and it can cause bulging; too loose, and you won't get the enhancement you're looking for. Always try before you buy to ensure the perfect fit.


The cut of the underwear can drastically change its effect on your bum. For example, high-cut leg openings can elongate your silhouette, while a low-rise style can provide a modern, youthful look.

Enhancing Your Bum with Underwear

So, what underwear makes your bum look good? Read and stay connect with us.

Lift and Shape

Look for underwear with ‘lift' features, like ruching at the back or specially placed seams. These designs can give your bum a rounder, more lifted look.

Padding and Shapewear

Padding can be a secret weapon for enhancing your bum. Some underwear comes with built-in padding, while others have pockets where you can add or remove pads as desired. Shapewear also offers more dramatic shaping and lifting options.

Seam Placement and Stitching

Seams and stitching can subtly shape and sculpt your bum. For example, underwear with seams that run down the middle of the back can give the illusion of a firmer, rounder bum.

Waistband Styles

Finally, consider the waistband. High-waisted styles can enhance your waist-to-hip ratio, while low-rise styles can accentuate your bum. Look for a waistband that sits smoothly against your skin without digging in or rolling down.

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Best Underwear Styles for Different Body Types


If you have a pear-shaped body with wider hips and a smaller waist, high-cut briefs or boyshorts are great options. They can balance your proportions by giving your bum a lift and accentuating your waistline.


For those with an hourglass figure—characterized by balanced bust and hip measurements with a smaller waist—most underwear styles will suit your shape. However, bikini briefs or hipsters can be particularly flattering, highlighting your natural curves while providing comfortable coverage.


For apple-shaped bodies, where weight tends to be carried around the midsection, high-waisted briefs or shaping underwear can provide a smooth line and enhance your natural curves. The higher waistband can also provide added support and comfort.

Athletic Build

If you have an athletic build, with a straighter waist and hip line, consider styles that add a bit of curve. Underwear with ruching, padding, or a cheeky cut can give the illusion of a rounder, fuller bum.

When asked, “What underwear makes your bum look good?” the answer is simple yet nuanced. High-waisted underwear, particularly thongs or styles with ruching and contour seams, can enhance and shape your bum for a more flattering and defined look. Take a look at the examples below of high- to low-wasted underwear:

high- to low-wasted underwear

Underwear that features contouring designs, materials like lace or ruched fabric, and styles such as Brazilian cuts or push-up panties can enhance the appearance of your bum.

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Comfort and Fit Considerations

Underwear should not only make you look good but feel good as well. The right fit is essential, as too-tight underwear can cause discomfort and unsightly bulges, while too-loose pairs may not provide the desired enhancement.

Balance style and functionality by opting for underwear with a good amount of stretch and support, and always consider how the underwear will look under different types of clothing.

Tips for Choosing the Right Underwear

Know Your Body

Understanding your body shape and what flatters it most is the first step in choosing the right underwear. Measure your hips, waist, and thighs to ensure you're buying the correct size.

Experiment with Styles

Don't be afraid to try different styles and cuts. What works best for you might surprise you. Remember, confidence is the sexiest thing you can wear.

Consider the Occasion

While a pair of thongs might be perfect for a night out in a fitted dress, they might not be the best choice for a day at the office. Always consider the occasion and the outfit when choosing your underwear.

FAQs About What Underwear Makes Your Bum Look Good

What Type of Underwear is Most Revealing?

The most revealing type of underwear tends to be thongs or g-strings. These designs have minimal coverage, accentuating the body's natural shape. However, comfort and personal preference should always be primary considerations when choosing underwear.

What Underwear is Best for Big Buttocks?

For individuals with larger buttocks, full-coverage underwear styles like briefs or boy shorts are often recommended. These designs provide support and comfort without sacrificing style. The right underwear can enhance your figure and provide a flattering fit.

What Underwear to Wear with See-Through Clothing?

When wearing see-through clothing, the choice of underwear can greatly impact your overall look. Nude or skin-tone underwear is generally the best choice to remain discreet. Seamless designs can also minimize visibility under thin or sheer fabrics.

Does Underwear Affect Body Shape?

Yes, the style and fit of your underwear can influence your body shape. Certain designs, like high-waisted briefs or shaping underwear, can create a more streamlined silhouette. However, it's important to note that these effects are temporary and rely on the continued use of the shaping garments.

Final Thoughts on Underwear Bum Look

Finding the right underwear that makes your bum look good is a journey, but it's well worth it. Not only can the perfect pair boost your confidence, but it can also significantly enhance your overall look.

By understanding your body, exploring different styles, and prioritizing comfort and fit, you can find the underwear that makes you look and feel your absolute best.

From the classic brief to the cheeky boyshort, there's a perfect pair out there for everyone. Happy hunting!

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