Statement of Transparency

Hey there, adventurous souls! You know, transparency isn't just for clear mountain streams; it's crucial for blogs like this one too. I want you to know who I am, how I do what I do, and why you can trust what you read here at

Meet Ovi Tanchangya

I'm Ovi Tanchangya, a guy who was lucky enough to be born in the hill tracts. Yep, that means I spent my childhood near the pristine beauty of small rivers, springs, and mountains. As soon as I wrapped up high school, camping trips became a sort of ritual for me and my friends. I even went solo from the age of 24! Now, I'm in my 40s and living by the breathtaking Kaptai Lake in Rangamati, Bangladesh.

My Expertise and How I Choose Topics

I don't just write about the great outdoors—I live it. From testing gear on camping trips to discussing it with fellow campers, I only recommend stuff I'd personally rely on. Whether it's about hiking, camping, cooking, or grilling, I dig deep and aim to guide you through your outdoor escapades. As a small example, the products I discuss on the campfire cooking kit page are ones I've tested and recommend for everyone based on my practical camping experience.

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Content Creation Process

Creating content here isn't just a random act; it's a well-thought-out process. I research, test, and sometimes ask other campers to ensure I'm giving you the most reliable information. No shortcuts. No compromises.

Money Matters

Look, I'm not gonna lie—I do get a bit of cash from Amazon affiliate links and I don't accept sponsored posts. But trust me, that never sways my opinion. My integrity is worth more than a few extra bucks.

Your Data is Safe With Me

Oh, and don't worry about your data. If you've signed up for my newsletter (which you totally should, by the way), your info is stored securely on my hosting server. I'm GDPR-compliant and promise I won't be selling your data or spamming your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is the purpose of this website? is all about empowering you with the best tips, gear reviews, and how-tos for hiking, camping, traveling, cooking, and grilling. I want to make your outdoor experiences as fulfilling and safe as possible.

Who is behind this website? What are their qualifications?

That would be me, Ovi Tanchangya! I've been camping since my high school days and I live right by Kaptai Lake in the hill tracts of Bangladesh. From gear testing to solo camping, my first-hand experiences are what fuel this blog.

How often do you update the content?

I aim to post new, researched articles at least 20s a month. Plus, I regularly update older posts to make sure all the info stays fresh and reliable.


What are the best hiking trails you recommend?

Oh, where to start? Well, the trails can vary depending on where you're located. But, generally speaking, I like trails that offer a good mix of natural beauty and a little challenge. I usually cover these in-depth in my hiking guides.

What are the essential hiking gear and supplies?

You'll need sturdy boots, a reliable backpack, a hydration system, and navigation tools like a map and compass. I go into the nitty-gritty details in my gear guides.

How can I stay safe while hiking?

First off, never hike alone if you can avoid it. Always tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back. Carry a first-aid kit and know the basics of how to use it.


What are the must-haves for a camping trip?

You definitely need a high-quality tent, sleeping bag, cooking supplies, and of course, a first-aid kit. The aim is to be as self-sufficient as possible.

What are some beginner-friendly camping locations?

Look for campgrounds that have basic amenities like toilets, fresh water, and ideally a general store. Starting off, you may also want to stay close to home in case you forget something crucial.

How do I deal with wildlife when camping?

First rule: don't feed the wildlife! Keep all food securely stored. If you encounter a wild animal, the best course of action usually is to make noise and make yourself appear larger.


How do you pick travel destinations for outdoor activities?

I usually look for places that offer a variety of outdoor activities and have good reviews from other outdoor enthusiasts. The more diverse the landscape, the better.

What are your top tips for eco-friendly travel?

Always pack out what you pack in. Use reusable water bottles and try to minimize waste. Respect the local flora and fauna.

How do I prepare for an international outdoor adventure?

Research is key. Check out visa requirements, local customs, and any travel advisories. Always have a reliable way to purify water and carry an international adapter for your devices. Also, never forget to contact a travel agency before your visit.

Cooking and Grilling:

What are some easy recipes for cooking over a campfire?

S'mores are an obvious choice! But for meals, you can't go wrong with foil packet recipes or good ol' grilled hot dogs. I have a bunch of recipes up on the blog!

How do I maintain my grilling equipment?

Regular cleaning is a must. Always make sure you're using the correct type of fuel for your grill, and store it in a cool, dry place.

What are your top 5 grilling tips for beginners?

  1. Preheat the grill.
  2. Don't squash the meat; it releases the juices.
  3. Use tongs, not forks.
  4. Keep a spray bottle of water for flare-ups.
  5. Let the meat rest before diving in.

Safety and Regulations:

What are the general outdoor safety guidelines I should follow?

Always tell someone where you're going, carry adequate water and food supplies, and have a first-aid kit handy. Read up on the local wildlife and how to deal with any potential encounters. If you are a newbie in this field, you can check out the outdoor safety guidelines from Stanley1913 article.

Where can I find information on the regulations for camping and hiking in national parks?

Most national parks have websites with all the regulations and guidelines. Always check those out before heading out. You can check out NPS Rules and Regulations from this government website.

How do I respect nature and wildlife while enjoying outdoor activities?

Simple: Leave no trace. That means pack out all waste, don't pick plants, and definitely don't feed the wildlife.

Reviews and Recommendations:

How do you select the products or locations you review?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: most of the products I recommend are tested by me based on my camping experiences. I recommend them to everyone because, let's be real, no one goes camping empty-handed.

And yes, I haven't personally tested every single product, but I've gathered feedback from those who have used them before. Only after receiving positive reviews do I go ahead and write about them on my site. Think about it: if 99 out of 100 campers give positive feedback about a product, chances are it's not going to be a dud in your book either. When it comes to locations, I look for places that are both beautiful and accessible (safe).

Are your reviews sponsored?

Nope, they're not, we don’t accept sponsored content or reviews. All opinions come from my practical camping experience.

Do you have a disclosure policy for your reviews?

Absolutely, full transparency is my game. You'll find a disclosure at the bottom of this site (footer bar). Also, you can check it out full details on the disclosure policy page.

Privacy and Policies:

What is your privacy policy?

I follow a GDPR-compliant privacy policy. You can check it out here.

Is My Data Safe?

Absolutely. All the data, like email addresses for newsletters, is stored securely. I never sell data, and I operate under a GDPR-compliant privacy policy.

How do you handle user data?

Your data is securely stored on my hosting server. I never sell it and use it only for sending out newsletters if you've opted in.

What is your content usage policy?

All content is copyrighted to You're free to share it but must credit back to the original post. You can check out our Terms of Use.

Contact and Community:

How can I contact you for specific questions or collaborations?

Just shoot me an email at or, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Do you have a community where outdoor enthusiasts can share tips and experiences?

Not yet, but I’m developing a forum where we can share each other's adventures and histories, which I'm considering for the future. Stay tuned for my upcoming adventurer community at!

How can I contribute to or write for your website?

I'm always open to guest posts or contributions. If you're passionate about the outdoors and have something unique to share, hit me up! Remember, I don’t accept sponsored posts, and I even don’t accept quality content writers; only I accept content from outdoor enthusiasts.

Wrapping It Up

I appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little more about how things work behind the scenes at If you've got any more questions, don't hesitate to reach out. After all, this blog is for you, the community of outdoor enthusiasts who live for the thrill of adventure just like me.

Happy trails,

Ovi Tanchangya