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About Us: Our Story

It's been ten years, we embarked on a journey that would radically reshape our lives. United by a shared thirst for adventure, my friends and I resolved to traverse every historical site our beautiful country has to offer. We've returned to our favorite place numerous times, enchanted by its allure and serenity, visiting more than five to seven times over the years.

Primarily, our travels were on the back of our trusty bikes, wind in our faces, the thrill of the open road beneath us. Strapped to our bikes were tents and the bare essentials, a tangible symbol of our minimalist lifestyle and the free spirits we were. If we had documented our escapades in a blog, the digital pages would be overflowing with vivid imagery of spectacular landscapes, intimate camping moments, and insightful articles.

Group of friends with couple in the floating water
Group of friends with couple in the floating water
at remakri

However, the thought of starting a blog felt like a colossal task, one we weren't quite ready to tackle. Our passion was not anchored in documenting and sharing our experiences. It thrived in the exhilaration of the journey, the camaraderie around a campfire, the shared silence under the starlit sky.

Yet now, we've found the strength to pen our journey. We're here to share not just our experiences, but the wisdom we've gathered. Perhaps our narratives can guide young campers navigating their own adventures, illuminating their paths as they journey into the heart of the wilderness.

Story from founder – Ovi Tanchangya.

Group of friends at Thailand
Group of friends at Thailand

Why the Outdoor Insider

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We've always believed that experiences are the best teachers, and that's what makes The Outdoor Insider the go-to blog for all things outdoor. Born from a decade of trekking trails, fishing on serene lakes, setting up camps under the starlit sky, and biking to destinations that would make anyone's heart skip a beat, this blog is a trove of practical experiences. It's a place where stories are shared, advice is imparted, and the love for the outdoors is deeply ingrained. But why us, you ask? Because we're just like you. We are adventurers at heart who turned our passion into a resource, helping other eager explorers navigate the path less taken.

Transforming Communities

We started as a group of friends, just wanting to explore every nook and cranny of the great outdoors. But along the way, we realized our shared experiences had a transformative effect. It fostered a sense of community that went beyond our tight-knit circle. The Outdoor Insider isn't just a platform for sharing our stories, it's a community where like-minded individuals can connect, learn, and grow together. We believe in the power of shared experiences to transform not just individuals, but entire communities. Through our tales of the great outdoors, we hope to cultivate a sense of togetherness that transcends digital borders.

Group of friends in a big waterfall at Bandarban

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to inspire, guide, and equip the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts. We aim to be the compass that you rely on as you navigate through your own journeys. We believe that the outdoors can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of their experience. Our focus is to provide firsthand information, tested tips, and encouraging tales that make your outdoor journey easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

Group of friends at Kewkradong by biking and camping together

Inspiring Stories

Remember that time when we visited our favorite place for the 7th time? Or when we successfully pitched our tents despite the pouring rain? These are not just stories; they're milestones, lessons, and most importantly, inspirations. Through our blog, we share these moments with you, hoping that they'll inspire you to create your own tales of adventure. From overcoming obstacles to discovering hidden gems, our stories carry the essence of outdoor living, reflecting the joy, challenge, and fulfillment that comes with it.

Group of friends in the mountains by bike

Practical Tips and Advice

We know the outdoors can be unpredictable, but isn't that part of the fun? We remember what it was like to set up our first tent, the struggle of packing light, and the challenge of cooking a meal in the wilderness. We've been there, and we've learned a thing or two along the way. The Outdoor Insider promises to share these practical tips and advice, arming you with knowledge that's been tested on the field. Expect no fluff, just honest, tried-and-true guidance.

Environmental Stewardship

Visiting a floating lake

Our adventures have taught us the immense value of the natural world. We've been privileged to witness its beauty, and with that privilege comes a responsibility to protect it. As The Outdoor Insider, we're committed to promoting sustainable practices and encouraging respect for the environment among our readers. It's our way of ensuring that the trails we've loved will be there for future generations of adventurers to enjoy.

As lovers of the outdoors, we understand the importance of preserving the very spaces that bring us joy. We are committed to promoting and practicing environmental stewardship. In our posts, you'll find advice on how to leave no trace, reduce your impact, and contribute positively to the outdoor spaces we all love. Remember, we are not just visitors to these places; we are also their guardians.

We're The Outdoor Insider – your companions in all outdoor escapades. Hop on, let's explore this beautiful world together!

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